ICTs in everyday uses and do we know we are using them

So recently i read a blog on my collegues’s page where he made a interesting point. that point was do we realise that at some point during the day we use a form of ICT to benefit us in everyday life. this can be anything from googling a bus stop to chatting to someone on Facebook even to writing a blog like i am now. what we don’t realise is that overtime we pick up our phone or device we are using an ICT to make our life easier. to be honest before reading that post from colleague i would have never realised this fact for myself.


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Idea Check

So all the endless hours of trying to think of what the topic of my unit will be has been completed. So hear we go its pretty basic all its about is getting students to interact with different application to manipulate images and so that they can stop, start, slow down and add objects that represent something within the videe. student will need to this to be able to analyse a sports specific movement and provide feedback to someone as to how they might be able to improve their performance int he skill.


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Are ICTs making us anti-social!!

During the week i read a blog post from a colleague of mine, he posed the question of if ICTs are making us as a people anti-social, this is really good question. But when i think about it i came to one answer that yes and no ICTs are making us antisocial. The reason i believe that is making us anti-social is when we use in the wrong way, for example, my mate is standing no more than five feet from me but i still text him, technologies allow for us to be lazy in dialogue. where as on the other hand when technology is used correctly such as communicating with someone on the other side of the world it allows for us to extend that social interaction. i believe that this is a strong question that everyone who uses technology needs to consider and think about.


Link to my colleagues blog – https://mjlarsenblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/are-digital-technologies-making-us-anti-social/

Advantages of ICTs!!

I was reading a article the other day, the link will be at the bottom.

What was really interesting about this article was what it was talking about in regard to the benefits and advantages that it brings to students that have special needs or disabilities. the article talks about how allowing for students to use ICTs in the classroom can allow for students to interact and communicate with other students within the classroom. This allows to better flourish and social situation if they are shy or suffer from anxiety.



What are ICTs?

The question is what are ICT’s? Well from a personal view point which may be different to other peoples view is that ICT’s in the classroom can be anything that helps to benefit students’ in their learning journey. I believe that ICT’s are devices that can be used to enhance and transform the learning of students. The devices can encompass different things in the classroom such as, Interactive whiteboards (IWB), projectors, computers, tablets and many more. These are all things that can be used to help enhance learning.


How do I use ICTs?

It is important for teachers and students to learn new ICTs in the classroom but it is not as simple as just learning a new ICT and be done. As ICTs change and develop in the world so do teachers and students in keeping ‘up to date’ with these changes in technology. Teachers can keep ‘up to date’ with ICTs with self-directed learning, exploring new technologies and ICTs that may be out there. When teachers’ understand the ICTs they are then able to help the students.


About me!



My name is Joshua Dylan Wardell and i am 21 years of age. I come from a military background and i am studying to become a primary school sports teacher. I believe that technology can be an effective teaching device in the education system as long as it is used correctly to enhance learning.


I look forward to reading everyone else’s blog throughout the semester.


Joshua Dylan Wardell